Spectralmind’s former team was comprised of experts in music technology, user interface & interaction design, and mobile application development combined with an experienced business development, marketing and sales team, complemented by a technical advisory board.


Thomas Lidy (CEO)

Thomas’ long-standing experience in the audio analysis and music retrieval domain is the fundamental basis on which Spectralmind is built upon. With over seven years of research at the forefront of semantic audio analysis and music recognition, as well as receiving an array of awards in this field, Thomas founded Spectralmind together with his partners, with the goal to provide their truly innovative technology to people in need of sophisticated solutions for media management.

Thomas is responsible for reaching the strategic goals of Spectralmind, while maintaining an international R&D network to leading academic institutions working in the field of music intelligence.

Johann Waldherr (BizDev & Head of Sales)

Johann has been working professionally in the high-technology and multimedia technology sector since 1999, while also leading R&D engineering teams in his previous positions. He received his MSc degree in Electrical Engineering in 2000 and will finish his MBA in Entrepreneurship in 2011. Since 2005 he worked in the area of business development and sales and was responsible for establishing a sales department in a global engineering design house.

Due to his depth of experience in technical sales positions in the broadcast & media industry he has a wealth of international contacts to potential customers and partners of Spectralmind.

Ewald Peiszer (CTO/Head of Technology)

Ewald graduated from the Vienna University of Technology in the field of Computer Science. He earned his MSc degree in Intelligent Systems, focusing on Music Information Retrieval.

Ewald contributes strongly to the technical heart of Spectralmind: the audio analysis engine. His responsibilities include research and evaluation to continuously improve Spectralmind’s products through technical design, implementation and quality assurance.

Within the Spectralmind team, he drives the development of our products and solutions by being responsible for their technical realization.

Former Team Members

Alexander Gugumuck (Marketing & Finance)

Alexander studied Business Administration at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration and the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA. Prior to joining Spectralmind, Alexander worked as a consultant for high-tech startups in Vienna for more than four years. Previously, Alexander was senior product manager in the telecommunications industry, where his responsibilities included the development and launch of new mobile data products.

Tilda Joseph (International Sales)

Tilda is a true professional with experience of selling Enterprise Software Solutions across the world. Her ability to envision has a seamless and direct connection to functionality in business. Building vital strategies for new markets, leveraging relationships with key customers and partners across the network, responding to new market conditions and relating business with practicality has been her core values in career. She is an MBA graduate from Danube University in Krems, Austria while having a technical background in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering.

Tilda’s focus is on International Sales activities, contributing to making Spectralmind a global player in the music technology market.

Alice Wong (Online & Social Marketing)

Alice has dedicated her career to building and managing innovative online businesses. She was co-founder and CEO of one of the first group buying websites in Singapore. Prior, she served as COO of the fastest growing online tailor in London, providing mass-customization services at an affordable price. Earlier in her career, Alice worked in the investment banking divisions of Merrill Lynch and UBS as a process excellence professional managing multi-million dollar projects.

Alice is responsible for Spectralmind’s online and social media marketing.

Fabian Ehrentraud (Mobile Development)

Fabian is a technological chameleon and loves to investigate into new technologies, programming languages and paradigms. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering in 2011 at the Vienna University of Technology. During his work as a Tutor at the University, he gained even more communication skills and the ability to skim through foreign code quickly. At Spectralmind, he is focused on sonarflow and its precious internals.

Henning Schulze (Interaction & User Interface Design)

For designing switch elements of an experimental flight simulator Henning graduated as Bachelor of Arts in 2009 from the FH Joanneum, Graz. Since then he gained hands on experience continually in different projects. His focus is on GUI Design and while pursuing his Master in New Media Arts at the Linz Art University he is already the Master of Art for Spectralmind, designing the Interaction and User Interface of Spectralmind’s products.

Peter Olah (Web Application Developer)

Peter studied Computer Science at the Szechenyi Istvan University in Gyor, Hungary. To further his knowledge of web development he has also completed a course in Web Application Development. Prior to joining Spectralmind, Peter worked as a freelance developer in Hungary and Austria. Peter is eager to learn about new technologies and supports the development of our products.


Franz Jachim

Franz has spent more than a decade as a business professional at the intersection of the mobile, Web and content industries. Working with startups as well as in global companies, Franz contributed to the creation, rollout and operation of large scale content delivery platforms, delivering B2B and B2C products and services to mobile carriers like T-Mobile International, Telcel or Orange. Franz held various management roles, including Customer Business Development Director at Amdocs, Vice President International Content Services at Qpass Inc. and COO of UCP Morgen.

Franz supports Spectralmind in their Business Development and Sales efforts.

Andreas Rauber

Andreas Rauber

Andreas Rauber is Associate Professor at the Department of Software Technology and Interactive Systems (ifs) at the Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien). He furthermore is president of AARIT, the Austrian Association for Research in IT and a member of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the Austrian Society for Artificial Intelligence (ÖGAI).

He is active in several European research projects with his research interest focusing on digital libraries: His expertise includes the broad scope of Text and Music Information Retrieval, Information Visualization, as well as Data Analysis, Neural Computation and Digital Preservation. This strong expertise makes him an excellent advisor for Spectralmind in research matters.