Open your mind to new music – with Sonarflow for iTunes

From 28 million iTunes songs, Sonarflow’s Music Discovery App for iPhone and iPad finds the ones that really match your personal taste

Sonarflow (, a new iPhone and iPad app to discover new music, harmonizes perfectly with the personal music library in iTunes and the musical universe of about 28 million songs at the Apple iTunes Store (

With its visual and intuitive user interface, Sonarflow iTunes offers a new, list-free view of your music collection. The App is also the perfect tool to discover previously unknown music on iTunes: the majority of the current 28 million songs in iTunes lead a life well below the popular mainstream perception. In “Discovery Mode” you will be able to tap into this rich music source as Sonarflow recommends artists and songs based on your personal music taste. Sonar Flow for iTunes is available in a free version and in an ad-free Pro version for € 1.59 in Apple’s iTunes Store.

In today’s digital age, music lovers are confronted with a luxury problem. How do you filter out music you like from the sheer endless supply of songs and albums out there? A challenging task: 28 million songs are waiting out there to be discovered on iTunes, other providers such as the streaming service Spotify (for which Sonarflow has recently released a separate free app for premium users) offers close to 18 million songs in the cloud.

Find music in Sonarflow’s discovery mode

Sonarflow helps to discover music using either its intuitive visual representation of the user’s personal iTunes music library or switching to “Discovery Mode”:music is presented on iPad and iPhone using bubbles. The alignment of the bubbles visualises the proximity of the different music styles to another, the colour of each bubble represents the music-genre.

The musical journey through the personal music library starts in the genre overview. If you zoom into a bubble, it displays the several artists. One level below, you will find the albums of these artists. If you activate the “Discovery Mode”, Sonarflow will cross the boundaries of your iPhone or iPad. The App will now recommend appropriate music, which it finds in the iTunes universe. Sonarflow will now find new music in the depths of the music universe, limited only by your personal state of mind. New music can be listened to in Sonarflow for 30 seconds before you decide to buy.

“Lists simply fall short of the almost infinite variety of the iTunes music catalogue. The colourful Sonarflow Bubbles are much better suited for discovering new music, as they enable the user to zoom in and open up more and more music levels. Sonarflow for iTunes unlocks a whole new musical universe in an intuitive and interactive way”, says Thomas Lidy, CEO of Spectralmind, the company behind Sonarflow.

What makes Sonarflow iTunes so special?

- The iTunes music library is presented in an intuitive graphical interface. With zoom and swipe you can browse through music on many levels, displayed in coloured bubbles.

- Without Sonarflow and its “Discovery Mode”, the majority of the 28 million iTunes songs would most likely remain undiscovered.

- Sonarflow departs with the one dimensional level (Genre) and extends it with three others (Artist/Album/Song). Searching for music is substantially refined and song proposals become more specific.

- After finding appropriate music, play them immediately and create playlists by simply double-tapping on one of the bubbles.

- Share songs on Facebook, Twitter and via e-mail.


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Spectralmind (, established in Vienna, is a technology leader in the field of audio intelligence. The central subject is the semantic analysis technology that extracts the audio content that makes “search and selection” of media possible in a quick and easy way and in a visually appealing manner. The core competence of Spectralmind is in the automatic analysis of audio, especially music. With its focus on technology, Spectralmind is able to charge the content of music based on computer assistance which means describing the content automatically according to rhythm, timbre, etc. and establishing relations of similarities between music pieces.

With this knowledge about the semantics of a song together with common metadata such as title, artist, year, user evaluation, sales data, etc. their technology enables the rapid detection of desired music and audio data, both in end consumer area, as well as for professional firms in the area of music, advertising and film production.

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