Spectralmind Gives Clear Vision in TV Program and Online Video Jungle

Spectralmind and XroadMedia present the iPad app “MyChoice” for personalized TV programming and intuitive graphic navigation at the top TV trade fair IBC2012 in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam/Vienna, 6th September. Spectralmind (http://www.spectralmind.com), the experts in intuitive graphic-based navigation through digital catalogues, will present “MyChoice”. MyChoice is an iPad app for personalized television programming catering to individual TV preferences using graphic navigation to browse through different detail levels. Users will no longer need to click their way through long lists thanks to Spectralmind‘s patented graphic media navigation. The user’s TV recommendations are visualized in so-called “bubbles” and organized hierarchically over numerous different levels. The app is based on the recommendation technology by XroadMedia, specialists in the discovery and personalization of media data. The initial presentation of MyChoice will take place during the IBC2012, the top TV industry trade fair which is currently underway in Amsterdam.

The MyChoice app combines all the advantages of the well-established music recommendation app Sonarflow with the innovative and unique recommendation solutions developed by XroadMedia. These solutions focus on finding and recommending any desired digital media content based on the personal tastes and preferences of the user. Sonarflow‘s intuitive, graphic user interface with its so-called ´”bubbles” compliments this functionality perfectly. Spectralmind is able to provide an innovative and intelligent media navigation solution for video content for the first time, thanks to its partnership with XroadMedia.

Here’s how the MyChoice app works

The start screen of the app greets the user with the three categories “My TV”, “Live TV” and “Program Guide”, which are visualized in Sonarflow’s well-known bubbles. The user gets deeper into each bubble with the typical iPad zoom movement. In MY TV, the user only gets TV program recommendations based on their established preferences. The user can go deeper and deeper into his/her categories such as “My Kids”, “My Shows” or “My Series”. Each level can be zoomed into to get further details. When they finally reach the title level all that is required is a tap on the title to get all the information on this program. The user can see which programs are running at present in the bubble “Live TV”. The Program Guide holds the entire TV program content.

Find programs and films using the Discovery Mode

It’s easy to discover new programs to suit your own personal tastes with “MyChoice”. All that you need to do is tap on a film title. You will get suggestions for similar, suitable films.

Content from social networks can be found in the bubble “Facebook”. Every user “Like” is reflected in this bubble. They are analyzed by the app and then the appropriate film content is offered from online sources such as Facebook, YouTube or other on-demand or TV sources.

“The colorful Sonarflow bubbles are perfect for visualizing TV programs. Every desired detail can be obtained thanks to smooth zooming. Navigation is finally list-free, visual and intuitive,” says Thomas Lidy, CEO of Spectralmind, the company behind Sonarflow.

Adolf Proidl, CEO from XroadMedia, added: „We are excited to work with Spectralmind on the myChoice app – an intuitive and fun to use experience that helps users to easily find and enjoy content they are really interested in.”

About Spectralmind:

Spectralmind is a technology leader in the field of media intelligence. Spectralmind offers fully fledged media discovery solutions in both consumer and professional markets. The solution stands out by its unique combination of intuitive visual interfaces and advanced content discovery technologies to provide the latest in media discovery and content recommendation. The company’s proprietary audio matching engine is capable of suggesting similar music titles based on a song’s acoustic content and a user’s preferences. The technology is used for media discovery in a wide range of domains, such as music and video portals, smartphone and tablet apps and professional media solutions.

The company’s vision is to revolutionize the media discovery space through its unique combination of intelligent content discovery and visual user experience.

About XroadMedia GmbH:

XroadMedia GmbH, pronounced “crossroad media”, was established by former management team members of APRICO Solutions – leading industry experts in the areas of content navigation, recommendation and targeting. XroadMedia has created an innovative and revolutionary recommendation and targeting solution to provide relevant content to consumers based on their viewing behavior, interests and social profiles. Our technology was developed to seamlessly integrate into existing and new content delivery and monetization platforms. By using our solution, our customers reduce complexity and resources required to distribute, recommend and target the right content to the right people… regardless the device and the platform.

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