Take a visual music discovery journey – with Sonarflow

Using an iPhone or iPad, music fans can now visually submerge into the Spotify universe of 18 million songs.

Sonarflow (http://www.sonarflow.com), a free app available for iPhone and iPad (http://bit.ly/NfMqQP), offers a visual and intuitive way to browse through the catalogue of over 18 million songs available to Spotify Premium users.

The starting point of the Sonarflow visual music journey is its revolutionary new graphical  interface. It highlights artists and tracks in different coloured “Bubbles”. After opening the app, three bubbles, “Starred Spotify Tracks”, “Your Spotify Tracks” and “Country Top Tracks”, appear. Pinching one of these bubbles with two fingers leads you to the next level.

The “Sonarflow Magic”: Musical journey with “discovery-mode”

By enabling the discovery-mode, Sonarflow recommends music based on your personal taste as defined by Spotify. Sonarflow opens up a massive musical universe, ready to be discovered in an entirely new way.

“Some people may be overwhelmed by the massive amount of musical choice on Spotify,” The colourful Sonarflow Bubbles which allow you to easily zoom in and open up more and more details on any level, and are perfect for helping you to discover new music. Using intuitive and interactive browsing, Sonarflow for Spotify unlocks a whole new musical universe”, says Thomas Lidy, CEO of Spectralmind, the company behind Sonarflow.

How Sonarflow works on Spotify

The app connects to a Premium Spotify Account and visualizes music in different coloured “Playlist Bubbles”. By zooming into the bubbles, the songs of the playlist get visible. By activating the discovery mode, similar artists will be suggested in further bubbles. By touching one of those bubbles, you get information regarding the artist, cover art, videos and “Top Spotify Tracks” which can be played directly by the app. And what’s best – songs are not just sampled for 30 seconds like in other apps, Sonarflow on Spotify plays songs in full length.

And what exactly is so special about Sonarflow?

  • Even with no songs available on the iPhone or iPad, using the Spotify account, the app allows you to discover new music.
  • Sonarflow extends the one dimensional level (Artist) by two others (Album/Song). These three levels substantially improve the musical analysis and proposals become even more specific.
  • The app plays songs in full length.
  • By connecting to Spotify, you can discover music from a universe of 18 million songs.
  • Share songs on Facebook and Twitter.


Blog Sonarflow: http://bit.ly/MjUlNH

Download Sonarflow: http://bit.ly/NfMqQP

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Copyright: Spectralmind

About Spectralmind:

Spectralmind, founded in Vienna, Austria, is a technology leader in the field of audio intelligence. The central subject is the semantic analysis technology that extracts the audio content that makes “search and selection” of media possible in a quick and easy way and in a visually appealing manner.

The core competence of Spectralmind is the automated analysis of audio, especially music. With this technology, the content of music can be calculated based on computer assistance – describing the content automatically according to rhythm, tone, etc. and establishing similarities between songs.

Combining the knowledge about the semantics of a song with common metadata such as title, artist, year taken, customer evaluation, sales data, etc. enables this technology to detect desired music and audio data. This can be used both for the consumer market, as well as professional firms in the area of music, advertising and film production.


Spectralmind on the web: http://www.spectralmind.com/

For inquiries please contact:

i5comm für Spectralmind

Bernhard Lehner

Tel.: +43 664 439 86 09

E-Mail: sonarflow@i5comm.com


*Number of tracks licensed globally. Catalogue size varies in each country.